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The benefits of milk have been known for a long time. But how relevant are they today?

Many people call dairy products the main supplier of calcium to the body. Is this true or just another myth? And is it possible to overeat such products without harm to health? There are so many myths around them that some simply require clarification.

Skimmed milk is intended for those who are losing weight. You should not consider low-fat dairy products exclusively as a dietary product. In this milk, as in usual, there are quite a lot of "white" carbohydrates, which have a complex structure. This means that milk will still provide a lot of calories. That is why skim milk is not recommended for those individuals who seek to lose weight through some kind of diet. It is not allowed to be consumed by a diabetic. So low-fat foods should be removed from the diet of these individuals, as well as those who are sensitive to glucose.

Dairy products are high in calcium. The statement that calcium enters the body along with these products is only partially true. It is also worth considering what goats and cows are fed with. If there is little calcium in the grass and feed, then where does it come from in yoghurts, sour cream, cottage cheese and milk? Among the dairy products rich in calcium, hard cheeses are worth noting. This is a real treasure of such an element. It is best to choose varieties that are matured for 5-7 years. Calcium-rich cheese is easy to identify. It has a crumbly texture and a creamy yellow color. You should know that hard cheeses should be eaten every day, while it is better to separate them from bread. After all, carbohydrates interfere with the absorption of useful substances.

Dairy products are good for people of all ages. With age, the body becomes less enzymes that are involved in the breakdown of milk sugar (lactase). As a result, nutrients are absorbed worse. From the age of 25, special requirements for the use of milk and milk-based products come into effect. Until this age, you can drink and eat dairy products in any quantity and at will. Up to 35 years old, it is recommended to consume no more than 600 ml of milk per day, from 35 to 45 years old - already 400 ml. And from 45 years old you can drink no more than a glass of milk a day.

It makes no difference what kind of milk to drink - powder or whole. In fact, milk made with powder is no longer as rich in nutrients. To make this drink better absorbed, it is better to dilute it with water or make cocoa from it. Reconstituted milk is also beneficial. It is suitable for those who wish to lose weight. The fact is that there are quite a few carbohydrates in such milk.

Dairy products are good for the kidneys. Milk to a greater extent and products based on it to a lesser extent can actually remove toxins and toxins from the body. However, fermented milk products are not recommended for those who have sand or stones in their kidneys. In this case, this group of food is excluded from the diet, and the patient is assigned a meat diet. But if urates are identified, doctors will prescribe a milk diet.

With dysbiosis, you need to drink kefir. Researchers from Canada have found that kefir is just contraindicated in case of dysbiosis. The fact is that fermentation products just enhance the effect of dysbiosis. This prohibition also applies to other fungal products, such as kvass. For those who suffer from dysbiosis, it is better to turn not to kefir, but to bio-drinks. They are already enriched with lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.

Kefir should be drunk at night. The well-known dietary axiom has recently been questioned. It turns out that the endorphin-like substances contained in kefir only excite the nervous system and thus cause insomnia. So if there is a problem with falling asleep, you should first give up kefir at night. The rest of the people can easily afford a cup of such a dairy product a couple of hours before bedtime. In general, it would be better to replace kefir with yogurt or fermented baked milk.

Curd strengthens bones. This statement is only partially true. Bones are strengthened with cottage cheese, but not any, but only low-fat. Only in this way will phosphorus and calcium be absorbed completely. The fat content of the curd should be no more than 15%. I must say that the same requirement is true for other dairy products.

Teeth grow stronger thanks to cottage cheese. It turns out that regular consumption of cottage cheese does not affect the strength of the teeth. Also, from such a diet, neither enamel nor gums will improve. To really improve the condition of your teeth, you need to introduce soy milk into your daily diet.

All yoghurts are healthy. In fact, it is worth talking about the benefits of not all yoghurts. After pasteurization, the biological value of this product decreases. So thermized yoghurt is not actually yoghurt anymore, since there are no beneficial bacteria in it. And the expiration date will help to identify a really useful product. Those yoghurts that can be stored for months cannot be useful in any way.

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