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Bodyguard (official. Obsolete) - a warrior guarding the life of some tall person, mainly a monarch. According to experts, even one bodyguard is able to keep a client out of trouble if he is a professional.

The task becomes more complicated if professional killers are hunting for a businessman. But even in this case, the client can be reliably "closed" from the killer, although this will require the coordinated work of a whole team of well-trained specialists, the use of first-class technical means and will cost a lot of money. Not everyone can afford to maintain 10-20 security guards, therefore businessmen in the CIS and Eastern Europe usually manage with two or three bodyguards.

Usually businessmen choose their own guards, so it is necessary that they navigate the problems associated with "bodyguard" - "body protection". To do this, first of all, several common myths about bodyguards should be dispelled.

Bodyguard myths

The bodyguard is a broad-shouldered, tall man with powerful muscles. Such a person is simply indispensable in ensuring order at public events, protecting banks, offices, bars, shops. However, if we are talking about personal protection, then it is best to choose a person who does not stand out either in appearance, or in clothing, or in behavior. The most important criterion is the ability to maintain composure in extreme situations, the ability to act with lightning speed and expediently if such situations do arise. However, if you need a bodyguard for reasons of prestige or for the sake of intimidating others, then a high height and weight over 100 kg are simply necessary. However, it should not be forgotten that the larger the target, the easier it is to hit it.

The bodyguard must be a judo, kickboxing or black belt champion in karate. Of course, such a bodyguard can be bragged to friends and the press by his employer. However, it should be remembered that firearms allow attackers to avoid physical contact with the victim's guards. And sports equipment is unsuitable for repelling a real attack (although regular hand-to-hand fighting, especially if in the process an emphasis is placed on sparring into hard contact, a bodyguard is simply necessary to maintain a high level of physical performance and a sense of self-confidence). In addition, the professional often does not seek to bring the matter to hand-to-hand combat. He builds his behavior in such a way that any desire to attack completely disappears from a potential aggressor.

The bodyguard is a former paratrooper or special forces soldier. It is even better if he has visited "hot spots". It should be remembered that every experience is specific. The ability to set up ambushes in the mountains or jump at night with a parachute is not always required for a bodyguard. It is also wrong to believe that people who have been to the war have received colossal psychological conditioning. Such a statement is true only in relation to those who went to war with appropriate training and with the conviction of the need for personal participation in it. There were few such people and they, as a rule, are not hired as bodyguards, more often preferring the role of hired killers. The rest are most often prone to alcoholism, drug addiction, neuroses, depression and other mental disorders. It should be noted that the personal security of American businessmen was never recruited from former Marines who passed through Vietnam, although the action movie stubbornly played on this option.

It is best to hire former employees of operational units of the state security or police for personal protection. Yes, the professional experience and training of these people is close to what a bodyguard needs (skills in surveillance, open observation, capture of criminals, shooting, driving a car, etc.). Yes, and from former colleagues, they can receive information, and in some cases, help. However, some skills can be harmful in private security, for example, the habit of firing a warning shot in the air, interrogating detainees (which a bodyguard has no right to do as a private person), etc. Yes, and it is quite difficult for former law enforcement officials to get used to the role of an ordinary citizen, who also works in conditions of legal lawlessness: physical pressure in order to protect a client can easily be classified as malicious hooliganism, and prosecution of a criminal is a violation of the inviolability of the home, an invasion of the privacy of citizens, etc. the like. After all, many lawyers do not serve Themis, but those who pay more.

The bodyguards live luxuriously: they visit good restaurants and live in luxurious rooms of five-star hotels. Yes, bodyguards visit restaurants, but this does not mean that they eat there. As a rule, the bodyguard is located next to the main dining room, positioning himself in such a way as to see his client (moreover, he will spend these 2-3 hours, most likely, standing if there is no bar in the hall). Security will simply not be allowed into the halls of some restaurants (the sight of muscular young guys with a gloomy expression annoys visitors and distracts them from the purpose of their visit - enjoying delicious food). In such establishments, the bodyguard will be either at the door of the hall, or in the hallway, or on the street or (which is much worse for the client and is the most flagrant violation of professional guard duty) - in the car. In a hotel, things are about the same. If this is not a business trip, when a separate number is ordered for the guard, the bodyguard must be in the corridor at the door of the VIP room.

There are many women among the bodyguards. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You can indeed find women in the professional market, however, the overwhelming majority of representatives of this profession are men.

The female bodyguard attracts less attention. An erroneous opinion - it is not difficult for a professional to determine which of the persons surrounding a businessman is his bodyguard. In this case, the gender of the bodyguard does not matter.

A female bodyguard can easily defeat a male attacker. The emergence of this myth was greatly facilitated by some films in which the fair sex easily dealt with the army of bumpy men. However, in a real life situation, a woman is by no means always able to resist a man, especially if he is well prepared to conduct such fights.

"Female bodyguard" is not a market category. Misconception. There is such a service on the market - a woman bodyguard. It (i.e. the service) can be sold profitably. In addition, having trained (trained) a woman bodyguard, you can also earn money, especially if you competently organize a PR campaign against the background of the spring excitement for female professions.

Female bodyguards should only be trained by male instructors. Practice has shown that a woman should lead the process of training female bodyguards. Of course, instructors in shooting, hand-to-hand combat and medicine, etc. there may be men, but special disciplines such as logical thinking, ethics and etiquette of working with a protected person should be taught by a woman.

The requirements for a woman bodyguard are lower than for a man. No, there are no indulgences and discounts for the "weaker sex" on the market. A woman bodyguard must be able to show at the right time observation and operational thinking, psychophysical qualities and guard discipline - after all, this is the basis of the work of any bodyguard. Some of the requirements for close combat (fire and power components) for women are not equated with men, but technical actions such as martial arts techniques and shooting a pistol, driving a car, etc. a woman is obliged to fulfill.

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