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Recently, more and more people began to turn to clinics with a request to correct the shape of their teeth with the help of braces. Can smack really be corrected without much effort?

In fact, the success of treatment depends on the correct diagnosis, the treatment plan and the doctor's experience. We will debunk the most popular misconceptions on this topic.

Myths about braces

It is too late for adults to correct the bite. The modern development of technologies in the field of orthodontics does not impose any age restrictions on treatment planning. Doctors in this area deal with the treatment of anomalies and prevention, not only in children, but also in adults. And in milk teeth, dentoalveolar disorders can be observed, and in case of multiple absence of teeth, it is necessary to create the right conditions for prosthetics. With age, a person loses more and more teeth, the condition of the bone tissue in the mouth is constantly deteriorating. These factors make the job of an orthodontist more difficult, but not impossible. The older the person, the more the teeth get used to the wrong position and then tend to return to the desired position. That is why the retention period is important, when the result achieved by active intervention is fixed. If during this period, in which the braces are applied, the problem is ignored, then the treatment may not have a result.

Teeth enamel deteriorates due to braces. Braces by themselves do not have any negative effect on tooth enamel. Its damage can be the result of either improper care during treatment or the use of poor-quality material with which the system is attached to the teeth. The patient is primarily to blame for poor hygiene. But in the matter of choosing a quality material that is safe for enamel, it is worth contacting dentists who specialize in this kind of treatment and have a proven reputation.

Using braces will negatively affect your personal life. Long gone are the days when braces were considered something shameful, and only a few people wore them. Nowadays, every modern person knows what such adaptations are for and why people turn to them. Anyone wants to have beautiful, even teeth - this is a natural desire. If you have doubts about whether to put braces or choose a personal life, then it is worth thinking about who we ourselves want to see next to us? Should it be a confident and healthy person with braces in their mouth, or a shy person with crooked teeth?

Braces are not suitable for everyone; people with allergies must be especially careful. There are indications for the use of braces, but they are few. Doctors do not recommend such a procedure in case of poor enamel condition, serious dental diseases, and if the patient himself does not seek treatment. If we consider the problem in more detail, then it is necessary to take into account the state of the hard tissues of the teeth, there may be a lack of minerals. The roots may also not yet fully form, the tissue may shrink significantly in some diseases. It makes no sense to put braces if there is no opportunity to regularly visit an orthodontist. But allergies are not on the list of contraindications at all. Even if there is a reaction of the body to metal (nickel is most often used), then no one bothers to use gold or pure titanium in braces.

The wrong taste is an aesthetic problem. In an adult with an irregular taste, the periodontal tissues experience increased stress when chewing. This leads to the fact that the teeth in these places can deteriorate over time. It is believed that the teeth should share the load with each other, closing evenly. In the case of an incorrect taste, some parts receive less effort, while others, on the contrary, are overloaded. Both extremes harm the teeth. It is no coincidence that the wrong aftertaste leads to periodontal diseases. Because of this, food cannot be chewed normally, which leads to malfunctions in the gastrointestinal tract and a general deterioration in health.

With age, an abnormal position of the teeth can lead to abnormal abrasion of hard tissues, overloading the orthodontist, and muscle-articular dysfunction. Due to the curvature of the teeth, pathologies will appear or the condition of the existing ones will worsen. It will also be impossible to carry out a high-quality complete treatment of the oral cavity. This, in turn, is fraught with inflammation of the gums, pain and dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint.

Because of the braces, brushing your teeth will take a lot of time. To facilitate oral hygiene, you can use many tools designed for this purpose. Keeping this place clean is an important condition for orthodontic treatment. It is known that teeth should be brushed at least twice a day. In addition to using a special brush, you also need to clean the braces under the arc. For this, a special brush is used. Superfloss and rinse aid will help with this procedure. Best of all, the attending physician or a patient memo will tell you about the devices used.

Because of the braces, brushing your teeth will need to adjust your diet. The diet will really have to be changed, but the situation is not at all so dire. We'll have to give up not tough, but junk food. Crackers will most likely break the arch and rip off the braces. And waffles, chips, cookies and bread can stick to the structure so that it will be difficult to clean it later. Caramel candies and hard candy are known to be a great breeding ground for germs. Do not chew on pens and pencils.

After removing the braces, the teeth will return to their original position. Teeth usually tend to return to their original place when the braces that restrict them are removed. But whether they succeed or the results of treatment will be fixed for the rest of their lives - depends on the orthodontist and the patient himself. It turns out that it is important not only to achieve the correct bite, thanks to braces, it is also necessary to fix the result with the help of special devices - retainers. The orthodontist selects them individually for each patient. The retainers will have to be worn for some time after the braces are removed. This will position the teeth in the right position, creating the right taste and a beautiful smile. Consolidation of the result is an important part of all orthodontic treatment. And the patient should not take it lightly, ignoring the advice of the doctor. After all, all efforts, time and money can be wasted, and not lead to the desired result.

The taste correction procedure is extremely painful. The design of braces seems to many to be unreliable, as if it came from the Middle Ages. This is how the myth about the painfulness of such treatment appeared. In fact, correcting the taste is a painless process, while the discomfort is felt during the first 1-2 weeks. Often the patient gets so used to braces that he soon forgets about them altogether. It cannot, of course, be said that no one experiences pain during orthodontic treatment. Its presence, like its intensity, depends on several factors. For example, the complexity of the pathology to be corrected can play a role; one should not forget about the individual characteristics of each patient. In any case, if painful sensations suddenly appear during treatment, you must inform the doctor about it. It is likely that a course adjustment will be required or a specialist will give advice on eliminating painful sensations.

Damon braces will be much faster than other analogues. Often, patients who have visited an orthodontist write about the advantages of such a system on the forums. In fact, we are talking about another myth. And how can a person understand what “fast” means in his particular case? To understand the difference, you need to test 8-10 different systems. That is why such a belief has no basis. The timing of orthodontic treatment is determined by the speed of archwire replacement. They are the active principle in the entire braces system. For the human body, there is an ideal rate of movement of teeth. The best pressure of the bracket system is 25 mm Hg. If you exceed this indicator of the apparatus, then there may be complications. That is why the best treatment is one whose speed is determined by balanced pressure. No system is allowed to move faster to the teeth, and Damon braces in this regard cannot affect speed in any way.

With self-ligating braces, the removal of permanent teeth can be avoided. All braces systems, including self-ligating ones, have the same ability to move teeth. The only problem is that adult patients cannot expect their jaw bones to grow. That is why an excessively large-scale movement of the teeth will increase the dental arch, but will not expand the jawbone. The difficulties of treatment lie in the removal of the roots of the teeth beyond the boundaries of the bone tissue. This is a serious problem for the orthodontist. And an important point in solving the dilemma: to remove teeth or not, is the age of the patient and the characteristics of his case.

Self-ligating braces can move teeth towards the removed wisdom teeth. Many patients just want to achieve this effect. The wisdom teeth in the pictures are located too badly. And doctors ascribe possible future problems to them. So there is a logical desire to get rid of the wisdom teeth, with the ability to push the rest of the teeth into this place with braces. But if it is still possible to remove the molars, then it will be impossible to move them there with braces. To carry out such a complex procedure, you will need a special device - a distalizing apparatus.

If you use self-ligating braces, you will have fewer doctor visits. It seems that with such an advanced system, the treatment will follow naturally. It is difficult to agree with this. On the basis of many years of experience, doctors have come to the conclusion that the more attention is paid to the patient, the better he will ultimately be. A person should understand that braces are just a tool that a doctor wields. Orthodontic procedures are so complex that it is a mistake to rely on braces alone. They need to be controlled, like other equipment. After all, we will not entrust her with driving. Unless the autopilot can be used when the car is moving along a certain level path and does not make maneuvers. And all the same - pilots or drivers control the process. And already more complex work with technology, its maneuvers, involve human intervention. In medicine, it is generally difficult to talk about standards - the same patients simply do not exist. That is why the patient should try to visit the orthodontist as often as possible, not letting the process of correcting the taste take its course.

Metal braces are cheap to supply, and transparent ones are expensive. In some clinics, the cost of treatment really differs, depending on the type of braces used. And their cost is really different, but this should not affect the cost of the procedure itself. Usually, when evaluating a package of services, the patient's age and the degree of his anomaly are taken into account. The cost of braces is paid separately, this choice lies with the patient himself. The doctor can only advise on the basis of his professional experience of some kind. Usually, the price for the services of installing braces themselves is more or less fixed.

After the braces are installed, caries will appear. Such phenomena do occur, but for those owners of braces who do not follow basic hygiene rules when using the equipment. It should be understood that braces are a bastion behind which it is convenient for bacteria to hide. That is why it is necessary to regularly brush your teeth with special brushes and undergo a hygienic examination by a dentist twice a year. If you follow all these recommendations, then there will be no problems in the form of caries.

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