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The blonde is a blonde, light-brown, blonde woman. Also, blondes are called that kind of women, a distinctive feature of which are long legs and high breasts. There are also dyed and natural blondes.

It is widely believed that blonde women are not burdened with great intelligence, but at the same time show an increased interest in their appearance. Blondes' favorite pastime is buying clothes, jewelry, and mostly at the expense of wealthy elderly husbands and generous young lovers.

Scientists believe that such women have a detrimental effect on men, pushing them to crazy actions and forcing them to do various stupid things. Feminists are fiercely opposed to such claims.

There is an opinion that the harsher the climate, the more men are drawn to the light. In other words, the less a man sees the light, the more desirable a woman with blond hair is for him, and it is absolutely indifferent whether she is dyed blonde or natural.

Myths about blondes

Blondes are dumber ... Although there is a common myth that all owners of blond hair do not shine with intelligence, scientific evidence of the stupidity of blondes has been found so far. It must be admitted that many blondes do from time to time demonstrate impenetrable stupidity, however, according to intelligence tests, brunettes showed the same results as blondes, but red-haired ladies were seriously behind in terms of performance. According to scientists, blondes earned such fame because of their extraordinary thinking, as well as due to hormonal differences - blondes have a more developed purely female logic, which entails such a paradoxical way of thinking. And yet, many blondes are so wise that they know how to seem complete fools and will never make a man doubt that he is the best of all.

Blondes are hard to reach. This statement is incorrect in most cases. Various cases are known. A man, having fallen in love with a blonde, can by all means try to achieve her location (some had to win the blonde's favor for years). And in another version, the man deliberately erects various obstacles, overcomes them and tries with all his might to avoid ease and accessibility.

Blondes are arrogant. Demonstration of their superiority is more likely associated with competition among their own, the same blondes. This is rather due to the fact that their number is growing rapidly, and this raises concerns. However, if no one encroaches on their position, blondes turn into incredibly delicate and fragile creatures. Appearance is in the first place for blondes, and family life is in second place. Like any other woman, the blonde sees family life as a big happy holiday, on which absolutely everyone admires her for one thing. But at the same time, any of them, of course, dreams of becoming a good wife and mother, and in the overwhelming majority of cases she succeeds very well. And to slightly reduce the height of the walls of those "castles in the air" that the blonde draws herself is quite realistic and feasible.

Blondes are betrayed. The reality or illusion of this statement largely depends on the man who is next to her. This is still a very big question, but does he deserve her devotion?

Blondes are the sexiest. In most cases, blondes are an erotic fantasy of a man unencumbered by serious moral principles. Or too burdened ... Despite the well-established opinion about the temperament of brunettes, blondes, nevertheless, are still considered by many to be more sexy. As a result of an experiment carried out by British scientists, it was possible to find out the reason for the myth of the oversexuality of the owners of blond hair. It turned out that blondes and redheads release six times more pheromones, the smell of which attracts men than brunettes. Perhaps this is the reason for the popularity of blonde women.

All blondes are bitches. Most men consider blondes to be gentle, meek creatures that amaze with their tenderness. But at the same time, many note their great capriciousness. It is fair-haired women in the eyes of the stronger sex who need care, help, cause a desire to groom and cherish them. In addition, blondes do not differ in rancor, they easily forgive and put up with their loved ones. And, as for brunettes, most men note their bitchiness, a strong and tough character, but at the same time passion and ingenuity.

Men sleep with blondes and marry brunettes. As a result of numerous studies, it is safe to say that men try not to have serious relationships with blondes. Indeed, the vast majority of men want to have a blonde mistress, but they tend to marry brunettes. This is explained by the fact that brunettes are more serious and reliable in their eyes. According to geneticists, the desire to create a family with a brunette is at the genetic level, because blondes are considered carriers of weaker genes, and therefore there is a possibility that the offspring of brunettes will be stronger.

The femme fatale is blonde. The femme fatale is far from fiction. History knows many cases of the appearance of fateful blondes. Such a woman is endowed with incomparable beauty and brings misfortune. She suppresses a man, takes away his vitality, uses him, and then leaves. These blondes have destructive femininity and are very dangerous.

Blondes are more helpless and unfit for life than brunettes. Indeed, brunettes stand on their feet more firmly, and blondes are more soft and feminine. Even to the touch, blond curls are fluffy, soft and light, while black hair is more naughty, stiff and stubborn. Subconsciously expecting helplessness and inability from blondes, sometimes those around them themselves impose it.

In 200 years, blondes will completely disappear from the face of the earth. German scientists claim that by 2202 blondes will completely disappear. Indeed, in the last 50 years alone, the number of blondes and blondes has decreased by 3 times. For a child to be born with blond hair, his parents must have blond hair. Brunettes always have dark-haired children. The growing number of interracial and international marriages also contributes to the disappearance of blondes. According to scientists, the last blonde will be born in Finland, where today the largest percentage of people with blond hair live per capita.

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