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Meaning of the name

Zakhar translated from Hebrew means "God remembered".


Little Zakhar can quietly and concentratedly assemble and disassemble the construction set for hours. Can bring a sick kitten home and care for it. He is attentive and caring in relation to the people around him.

His passion is technique. Zakhars often work as drivers. Humanities are chosen less often. He loves nature. Forest, river, steppe meadow - his weakness. If he has a piece of land, he will definitely plant fruit trees there.

This name endows a person with a broad nature. Zakhar doesn't like counting money. He is hospitable, extraordinarily caring both in relation to his own and to strangers. Everything he does is devoid of any self-interest. Everyone is drawn to him for sympathy. He is very hardworking. Homebody. Doesn't drink.

Usually lives with a predetermined fate. Disposed to camaraderie, to a feast. Any suffering makes him want to help immediately. And for this he is ready to go to his own inconvenience, to incur certain sacrifices.

He feels good when he actively participates in life: he interferes in everything, gives advice to everyone, changes something. Otherwise, he feels unhappy and unnecessary. Women who have experienced unhappy love are often drawn to him. Often confessing and finding sympathy, they marry them. Zakhar marries late and, as a rule, to a woman with a child.

Kindness, gentleness, good-naturedness of Zakhar, his natural incapacity for violence ends with his wife taking a commanding position in the family. There will be nothing wrong with this if the wife is tactful, otherwise you can injure Zakhar's sensitive nature.

Boys are most often born in the Zakhar family. Supervises the study of children, does not miss parental meetings. He also treats his parents responsibly.

Zakhar is a lover of sentimental stories and films. Human suffering makes him want to help, and for this he is ready to make certain sacrifices. Everything he does has no self-interest, and he treats his parents in the same way. This is an example of a son, father, husband and friend!


Zakhar has an extraordinary temperament and chooses a similar partner. As a man, he is modest, does not boast of his love affairs, although there is something that does not apply to intimate topics in conversations with friends.

Much in a relationship with a partner depends on his heartfelt affection and her feelings for him. Feeling a strong attraction to his beloved woman, he strives for intense sex, which positively affects his mood, increases vitality.

When Zakhar is having difficulty getting an erection, his partner must take the initiative, this will give the relationship an even greater intimacy. Zakhar is not ashamed of his feelings, emotional, natural and sincere in love. Serious feeling for him is a prerequisite for sexual satisfaction.

Zakhar's love needs more and more impulses. His partner must have attractiveness, freshness of feelings in order to maintain a warm relationship with him. Compatibility with a partner in everything is very important for him. They must have common interests, otherwise, if the relationship is based only on sex, Zakhara quickly gets tired of it.

Happy love and sex life stimulate his activity in other areas of life. Sexual failures upset Zakhar, but he doesn't dwell on it. He does not like changing partners, it is difficult and takes a long time to get used to a new girlfriend.

Zakhar in the family is docile, attentive to his wife, listens to her opinion. He tries to help his wife. Hot-tempered, but quickly departs. Loves children, devotes a lot of time to them. Proud and independent. Very neat, tidy, obligatory. Not verbose.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Zakhar gives the impression of something rough, courageous, strong, cold.

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