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Meaning of the name

Most likely Scandinavian, meaning "tart". They were called children only in wealthy families. The abbreviated name of the Great October Revolution is often misunderstood in this name (Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is the organizer of the Revolution).


Very lively children, the character gives parents a lot of excitement. Stubbornness, perseverance are manifested, they are usually brought up in wealthy families. They look like mothers both externally and internally. They love animals, make music.

Those who are carried away and vulnerable, choose their friends with analysis and make friends with them until they come of age. They are fond of numismatics. Between the ages of ten and fifteen, a sore throat gives them a lot of concern.

Vilors are stubborn, they like to be the first everywhere, they are pragmatic. They often admire themselves in front of the mirror. Those born in March developed this habit.

They are careerists and by the age of thirty they achieve some success. By profession, they can be drivers, educators, soldiers, lawyers, writers, artists, architects, dancers, singers, cooks, hairdressers. They get married late. They love pop music. They are hospitable and know how to entertain guests, they often cook well.


Unperturbed in any situation, absolutely confident in himself and his sexual capabilities. Leads a fairly intense intimate life, the conqueror of women's hearts. He does not even allow the thought that he may be rejected. The main goal of frequent change of partners is the desire to be in time as much as possible, to try everything and feel all the delights of sex.

He prefers experienced women, does not want to waste time teaching them the intricacies of sex. Pragmatic and cynical. Having entered into an intimate relationship with an experienced partner, he can count how many times he has experienced an orgasm in one evening.

In a circle of friends, he often discusses love affairs. He pays great attention to the technical side of sex, as he is not capable of deep emotional experiences. No matter how good it is with a woman, he always looks for other connections, does not tolerate monotony, cannot stand loneliness.

He strives to be an unsurpassed lover, he likes to be talked about as a strong man. Ignores the opinion of others, does not adhere to moral norms. He never takes responsibility for undesirable consequences on himself, easily slips away, comes out dry.

For all its practicality, Vilor still remains romantic and sentimental to some extent. He is prone to memories of partners with whom he once had a love affair.

Vilor is demanding of the chosen one, believes that she should always be full of desire and capable of anything to satisfy him; he himself is ready to have sex at any moment. Women are attracted to him by the ability to give sharpness to intimate relationships, to leave a pleasant impression.

With him, any partner is ready to step over the line of the usual, to completely relax, to drop shyness. Vilor begins sexual flirting with a woman immediately after meeting, in conditions far from intimate, making it clear to the rest of the men that he will not tolerate rivalry.

Gives her a slight arousal with gentle words and casual touches. He is so charming and charming that it is not easy to resist him. However, if his charm does not work on a woman properly, he becomes irritable, can utter unflattering words, and shows dislike.

Vilor quickly forgets about defeats, he never experiences disappointment. He loves to be in the company of beautiful women, tries to emphasize the attractiveness of his beloved.

If Vilor loves his partner, then it will not be easy for her: he is demanding of her, jealous. In sex, she expects something extraordinary from her, relies on too much. It is difficult to please him. In Vilor, the physical principle is highly developed, he prefers to make love without any frills, avoids excesses.

Strives for the earliest possible release, but tireless in sexual intercourse, temperamental and hardy. He uses sex to relieve stress, to raise vitality and maintain health, quite consciously and does not hide it. He does not like rude women, tries not to enter into intimate relationships with them.

Vilor is squeamish, jealous, touchy. A partner born in August will suit him. In the family, he is stubborn, calculating. Likes to look beautiful, to dress fashionably. Girls are usually born.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name gives the impression of something safe, angular, low, small, bright.

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