The most amazing houses

The most amazing houses

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House-Museum of Salvador Dali in Spain. It is quite expected that the theater-museum, created by the master of surrealism himself and dedicated to him, has an unusual appearance. The building is located in Figueiros, 140 km from Barcelona, ​​where Dali was born and lived. This is the largest surrealistic work in the world, the genius worked on its creation for 10 years, it is here that the main part of his paintings is located. The shocking master placed eggs around the perimeter of the building's roof, this is due to the fact that Dali considered them a symbol of life and actively used them in his work.

Colorful house in Vienna. Austrian architect Friedrich Hundertwasser is famous for his unusual projects, this house is one of them. There are no two windows of the same shape and size in the building. The house has uneven walls, its façade is lined with asymmetrical quadrangles. The floor looks like forest paths, and around the house and on it is full of varied vegetation. Despite the high cost of apartments (the house is one of the most expensive in Vienna), there is no end to tenants. Only now it is difficult to live in the midst of such a riot of fantasy - the uneven floor quickly freaks out, besides, the building is constantly surrounded by tourists.

Frozen house in Rotterdam. Like any unusual building, this has its own unique history. Once it was an ordinary residential building and was being prepared for demolition. However, the city administration asked architects and builders to implement some plan to save the building. As a result, the house was completely repainted, creating the illusion of its own freezing. Today its purpose is only to decorate the streets of the Dutch city.

Sutyagin's house or "wooden skyscraper". It is located in Arkhangelsk and is considered the tallest wooden building in the world. It is interesting that this 13-storey building was built according to the old technology, without a single nail. The creator stopped in the building at the moment when from the last, thirteenth floor, he could see the White Sea. The author, a former criminal Nikolai Sutyagin, was never able to complete his creation, as he was arrested. After leaving the places of detention, he did not have the funds to complete the construction. Sutyagin lived for some time on the lower floor of his creation, leading tours around the house. However, the fact that the house was recognized as a sensation at the conference "Wooden construction in northern cities" did not save the building from persecution. It turns out that private wooden buildings cannot be built in the city without the approval of the authorities, so the building was completely destroyed by a court decision in February 2009.

House-library in Belarus. Also built in a super modern style. This original house is shaped like a rhombicuboctahedron 72.6 meters high. The building weighs 115 thousand tons, not counting books, it has 20 floors. This is one of the tallest buildings in the world. It is distinguished by a unique backlight that turns on every day at sunset and remains on until midnight. Patterns and colors change every second.

Forest spiral in Germany. This house with such an unusual name was built in Darmstadt by 2000. The author is the Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, known for his revolutionary solutions in architecture. The house of 105 apartments is distinguished by the complete absence of rectangular shapes. The building seems to be wrapped around the courtyard. The house also houses a restaurant with a cocktail bar.

Habitat 67 in Canada. This building was supposed to give the illusion of many independent separate buildings, but economically it was no different from an ordinary apartment building. The purpose of the construction was to connect specific modules and use them to create stylish and affordable housing. Only the architectural glory of the complex has led to the fact that the cost of living in it is quite high.

Robot building in Thailand. This unusual house in Bangkok houses the Bangkok headquarters of the United Foreign Bank. This unusual shape was chosen by the designer Sumet Jamsei to show the increasing influence of the computer on banking.

Kijk-Kubus in Rotterdam. The Dutch city has presented another architectural masterpiece. It seems that living in a tilted house is difficult, but it is not. The building was designed and built by architect Pete Bloom. The tops of the house appear to be bent at an angle of 45 degrees. Each of the cubes contains three floors; the house has everything a modern person needs - a bedroom, a kitchen and a shower. Sloping walls simply add grace to the home. To visit this house, it will be enough to visit the museum located in it.

Wozoko apartments. The construction of this complex in Rotterdam required land law and errors in blueprints. In Holland, it is prescribed to provide the inhabitants of houses with a certain level of illumination, but the architects forgot to do this when designing. As a result, an ingenious solution was born - to hang 13 out of 100 apartments from the northern facade of the building. This solution saves space on the ground and makes it possible to penetrate the right amount of light to the western and eastern facades.

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