The most terrible castles

The most terrible castles

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Castles are a very popular tourist destination. It's time to learn more about the world's scariest castles.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. In Edinburgh, even an inveterate skeptic will gain faith in ghosts. Although science denies the existence of such a phenomenon, eyewitnesses claim that they met disembodied images outside the walls of the legendary castle. And it was built in the XII century. Legends say that the restless ghost of a piper still wanders around the castle, who got lost while exploring the underground labyrinths. And when the building was in danger, drumming was heard in it. She is beaten off by a headless musician soldier, at one time he warned of the offensive of Oliver Cromwell's troops. There is also a ghost of a dog in the castle, he walks through the local cemetery

Chillingham Castle, Northumberland, UK. To repel the raids of the Scots in the northern part of England, the powerful castle of Chillingham was built. Blood was constantly flowing around him, and the captured enemies were tortured and tortured here. That is why it is believed that the souls of the murdered people are still wandering around the castle, unable to find peace. This place is notable for the fact that it is here that it is most often possible to photograph or shoot ghosts on video. For centuries, guests of the castle have seen a shining boy, he is able to scare anyone who dares to spend the night in the Pink Room. Researchers claim that the ghost belongs to a baby walled up alive in the walls of the fortress. His remains were found during the restoration of the castle. Also Lady Mary Berkeley constantly descends from her portrait in the Gray Room. She died, unable to bear the betrayal of her husband, who left her for her own sister.

Warwick Castle, Warwick, UK. This castle has a glorious history. It was built back in 1068 and has seen many battles since then. Few European castle has seen so many bloody battles. Defeated enemies were taken to dungeons, where they were tortured. It is no coincidence that tourists descending into the casemates constantly feel bouts of nausea and dizziness. Of the ghosts, the most famous is the ghost of Sir Fulk Graville, the former owner of the castle. He likes to leave his porter on cold evenings, and then walks around the former estate, catching up with horror on living people.

Dragsholm Castle, Hoerve, Denmark. Old Danish castles are a favorite spot for ghosts. But most of the otherworldly creatures live in Dragsholm. Researchers of unusual phenomena claim that this castle is home to at least a hundred ghosts. That is why the unremarkable fortress has become popular with tourists. The castle performed different functions - it was a fortress, a prison, a bishop's palace. And all this time, the number of ghosts only grew. Among the famous disembodied guests stuck between worlds, the white lady is best known. Once the father immured the girl right into the wall, having learned about her connection with a commoner. They also see the spirit of a certain count who died in captivity. He appears, frightening the guests of the castle with his horse neighing.

Eltz Castle, Wierschem, Germany. This picturesque castle was built in the German state of Reinald-Palatinate in 1157. Surprisingly, throughout its history, it has belonged to only one family. Currently, the castle is owned by the 33rd generation of owners. Tourists are attracted here both by the rich interiors, almost the most magnificent in the whole country, and the famous ghosts. Legends say that Eltz Castle was never captured or destroyed. And all because it was guarded not only by living people, but also by ghosts. The ghosts of medieval knights who once owned this fortress are standing on the defense of the castle.

Moosham Castle, Salzburg, Austria. This castle was built in 1208 by the bishop of Salzburg and has since gained notoriety. The fact is that here in the Middle Ages hundreds of sorcerers and witches were beheaded. Since then, their spirits were chosen by Moosham. People exploring the ancient chambers feel someone's touch, hear strange sounds, or even see something inexplicable. They say that at one time the castle was a refuge for a werewolf. Only there it is possible to explain the inexplicable appearance of the mutilated corpses of wild deer and large domestic animals in the walls of the building.

Brissac Castle, Angers, France. Among the many castles in the Loire, Brissac is the tallest. It was built in the XI century, but since then it has been constantly being completed. The chateau currently has 203 rooms, so the ghosts have plenty of places to hide. Passionate groans are heard in the castle at night. It is said that the noble family of Jacques de Brese used to live in Brissac. One night, my husband heard loving groans coming from somewhere. Determined to find their source, Jacques discovered his wife, Charlotte, with another man. No one else saw the lovers, and the abused husband sold the castle. However, for several centuries, the moans of lovers have troubled the owners of the castle, the passionate cries of ghosts do not let them forget about that story.

Bardi Castle, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. As soon as you drive 60 kilometers from Parma, the ancient castle of Bardi appears on a rock made of red jasper. It was built in 900, near the intersection of busy trade routes, specifically to protect against raids from the Hungarians. The reconstruction of the castle led to the fact that the battle fortress turned into a rich palace. In it there was a place for both a large library and a collection of weapons. In addition, a beautiful legend attracts tourists here. They say that the beautiful Soleste fell in love with the captain of the knights Moroello. The girl sat all day on the high tower of the castle, waiting for the return of her chosen one. One day she saw on the horizon an army adorned with the symbols of the enemy. Soleste jumped down in despair. She never found out that the defeated enemy Moroello ordered his soldiers to put on their attributes. And this was done solely out of boasting. Learning that with his behavior he actually killed his beloved, Moroello himself jumped off the cliff. But his spirit never doomed peace, still wandering around the castle.

Gouska Castle, Czech Republic. This mysterious and terrifying castle is located in deep forests in the north of the country. From here to Prague about 50 kilometers. This fortress was built in the XIII century not at all to protect people from enemies or as a home for some noble person. The castle is burying the gate to hell! According to legend, in this place there was a direct path into the abyss, along which demons, monsters, and also half-animals, half-humans fell to the Earth. As a result, the devilry bothered the local authorities, who decided to seal the gates forever by installing a lock on them. But this measure did not completely stop otherworldly phenomena. In the 1930s, the Nazis even carried out their occult ghosts in the vicinity of the castle. It is not surprising that ghosts are constantly encountered here. Among the most famous mystical inhabitants of Gouska, a decapitated black horse, a huge human bulldog frog, should be noted. And a woman in a black dress is constantly shown from the window of the upper floor. Only the most daring dare to go down into the dungeons of the castle, because according to legend, demons still walk there, who came to our world from the caves.

Bellecour Castle, Newport, USA. The construction of this castle cost its owners a tidy sum in 1894. At the current exchange rate, that would be as much as $ 100 million. Oliver Bellecour was the heir to a huge business empire. He loved to travel the world, bringing home unusual artifacts from various countries. It was for their storage that this estate was created. But it turned out that no one lived in the castle for the entire first half of the 20th century. When the house was sold in 1956 to a new owner, its unusual properties were revealed. Mysterious things are constantly happening in the castle, casting fear on people. So, blood can begin to appear on ancient armor. Those who sit on antique ballroom chairs should be wary of a push in the back from an invisible force.

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